The Cricket and the Deck Drain

The cricket and deck drain. Sounds like a weird fairy tale intro, doesn’t it? It is actually a true story about teamwork. In the deck repair deck drain cricketindustry, the cricket and deck drain are partners in deck waterproofing. Without one, the other is obsolete. We recently traveled to Huntington Beach Ca and performed a lengthy deck coating overhaul. Prestige Decking is always up for the challenge!

Deck Drain Repair

Deck Repair. This deck had severe dry rot, so we had to remove all the tile and fix the sub-floor. We then proceeded to prepare for the sloping service.

Pressure Wash & Reseal. In order to prepare deck coatings for a cricket installation, we first had to clean off any loose decking debris. The pressure wash/reseal service works great.

Cricket. A cricket is a two-way sloping design to allow better drainage on a large deck. It slopes so the water will end up in your drains, not in a puddle on the surface.

L Metal deck flashing

Flashing. After we constructed the sloping cricket, we installed door pans and L metal flashing to replace the rusted out rejects. We first had

deck drain

to remove the siding of the deck, as it was enclosed. L Metal is used when the deck is fully enclosed, installed all around the perimeter. Flashing is one of the most important aspects of the deck repair process.It secures the perimeter to ensure a watertight deck.

Deck Drain. We then installed a new deck drain on each side of the deck. This deck coating was enclosed, so it required deck drains, unlike a deck with open sides.

The Crete System. We completed this deck drain repair with our signature deck waterproofing system. The Crete System is a five layer waterproof membrane that comes with a ten-year warranty.

The cricket and the deck drain work in harmony. Prestige Deck Coating can solve any drainage problem the Orange County weather can throw at us! Call us today for a free on site estimate!

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