Commercial Pool Deck Resurfacing

commercial pool deck resurfacingDo you have an apartment complex, hotel, motel, or commercial property with a pool? Perhaps, you manage an HOA recreational facility. No matter what your need, Prestige Deck Coating has the solution to your pool deck resurfacing needs. We specialize in commercial pool deck resurfacing projects.

Commercial Pool Deck Resurfacing – the problem

It is really pretty simple. If your pool deck coating or concrete surfaces are cracking, splitting, or delaminating – it is likely you need someone to perform commercial pool deck resurfacing. There are two main differences between a home pool deck resurfacing and a commercial site. One, the pool deck surface area is usually smaller. Two, there is usually more wear and tear in a commercial context.

Commercial pool deck resurfacing – the process

There are two main ways we approach pool deck resurfacing.

commercial Pool Deck Resurfacing_crack*One, we install our flex system, for slightly damaged pool decks.

1) we lay down bonder and fiberglass matting 

2) then we trowel down polymer modified concrete.

3) an extra layer of polymer modified concrete is added

4) two coats of paint and sealer waterproof the surface

*Two, we perform concrete resurfacing, for severely damaged deck coatings.

1) fix any cracks with a crack chaser grinder bit

2) fill the cracks using a two-part epoxy solution 

3) fan polymer modified concrete across whole surface

4) fine tune texture coat

5) finish with two coats of epoxy fortified paint sealer

commercial Pool Deck Resurfacing_viewCommercial pool deck resurfacing – the payoff

If you hire a professional pool deck resurfacing installer, you will reap great benefits.

-no more burned feet due to heat attracting surfaces

-no more injuries due to slippery surfaces

-no more cuts or turn ankles on cracked surfaces

-no more leakage due to porous surfaces

-no more structural damage that leads to expensive remodeling

Prestige Deck Coating wants your commercial pool deck resurfacing project to be ready in time for summer. Prestige knows how to do the job right and affordably. Prestige wants your customers to be safe, and come again and again to your establishment. Prestige Decking knows commercial pool deck resurfacing. Call to schedule your free estimate today!


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