Anaheim Deck Flashing

Anaheim deck flashing_pondAnaheim in southern California can get sticky hot in summer. Maybe that is why the hockey team made their home there! Over a long period this humid climate can cause mildew, mold, algae, and other water damage to deck coatings. Because deck flashing is key to deck waterproofing success, close attention to the condition of your decking surface is important. If you notice any signs of water damage, soft spots, dry rot, or leaking on your deck coating, it is probably the time to contact a deck repair specialist. At Prestige Deck Coating, we believe proper installation is the “make or break” element in successful Anaheim deck flashing repair. Our foremen have between 30-40 years experience in the deck coating industry

There are a number of high quality deck resurfacing systems on the market: Desert Brand, AVM, Dex O Tex, Versa Deck, Life Deck, Mer-Kote…the list goes on and on. We at Prestige Deck Coating do not stop with a great product though. This is especially important when talking about Anaheim summers.

Anaheim Deck Flashing

Our latest Anaheim deck flashing job required three kinds of metal:

Drip Edge Flashing. We began the deck rehabilitation by installing drip edge flashing along the perimeter of the deck. This deck flashing allows water to sheet offAnaheim deck flashing_ponding near door the edge of the deck surface, in order to keep it from ponding.

Diato/Combo Flashing. Because this decking was attached to a house, we had to install a different kind of deck flashing under the stucco wall. Diato, or combo metal, fits snug under the stucco screed, allowing for a flush finished product.

Door Pans. One of the most suspect places for water to seep into a deck is at the door. Door pans are installed to fully seal out any potential water. We lathered this Anaheim deck flashing project with industry grade caulking, to make sure the joints

Door Pan_Anaheim Deck Flashing

Door Pan

So, now that the perimeter was secured, we finished the deck repair and waterproofing process by installing our Crete Decking System. This 5 layer deck coating membrane is perfect for decks with a plywood sub-floor. It can also be applied over concrete.

Prestige Deck Coating does Anaheim deck flashing that wards of ponding near the Pond! There is only room for one type of duck on your deck when we are around! Call us today for a free estimate and to find our more about our ten-year warranty.

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