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Deck Flashing San Clemente


Does your deck coating have rust? Is your decking soft or compromised around the edges? Perhaps you notice some mold or algae growing on your deck coatings? This usually means one foreboding thing: damaged deck flashing. Damaged flashing = bad, really bad if you do not remove and repair it ASAP. Decks at ocean towns […]

Waterproof Deck Coatings: Drip Edge Flashing

deck flashing copper

Drip Edge Flashing Deck Coatings Drip Edge Flashing. If you want to secure the perimeter of your deck, insuring a waterproof seal, you must dial in the metal edges. Prestige Deck Coating knows how crucial properly installed flashing is to guarantee that your patio, balcony, or roof decks are waterproofed. Exterior Perimeter. For open decks […]