Decking San Clemente with the Ol’ 1-2 Punch!

Is your concrete deck surface giving you an annoying jab? Perhaps, an uppercut by way of a leaking deck coating? The good news is Decking_1-2 punchthat you do not have to sit on your own balcony deck and take a beating! Prestige Deck Coating is like an expert deck repair trainer and prize-fighter, who can give your damaged San Clemente decking the Ol’ 1-2 knockout punch! We have just the strategy to topple even the most seasoned concrete deck coatings foe. Our prize fighters have between 3o-40 years experience in handling upstart decks. We use the latest in deck waterproofing technology to help your deck to last all the way to the last round.

Decking San Clemente!

One of our latest opponents was a double-deck project. So, we gave it the Ol’ 1-2 waterproof punch! The upper deck had surface cracks. The lower deck had no cracks and required only a maintenance seal.

When decking surfaces are in relatively good shape, we hit them when theydeck coating crack are not looking!

For the lower deck coating, we first cleaned the surface and then resealed, using 2 coats epoxy fortified color top coat. Our deck paint is waterproof and comes in a variety of colors. We at Prestige Deck Coating are afraid to mix it up, providing a 1-2 combo of practical waterproofing and aesthetic goodness!

Now, for the knockout punch! We installed The Flex Decking System. This is a multi-layer waterproofing membrane designed for use over concrete sub-floors. Check out our strategy:

-Trowel down cementitious base coat with polymer additive. This takes care of any cracking.
-Laminate using fiberglass matting and acrylic resin (Bonder 480).
-Spray Desert Texture a cementitious texture (Smooth/Knockdown/Orange peel).
-Seal using two coats of epoxy fortified concrete paint.

Deck coatings_knock out punchPrestige Deck Coating can give your upstart decking a sound thrashing! Our 1-2 punch combo is lethal to any kind of damaged deck surface! Concrete Resurfacing is our pleasure.

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