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Waterproofing-Level One: Secure the Perimeter

Waterproof Deck Coating Orange County Ca

WATERPROOFING-LEVEL ONE Who wants a leaky deck? Who wants to be strolling around their garage looking for an umbrella during a rainstorm and get an unwanted shower? Not me. Not you. Not the deck waterproofing contractors at Prestige Deck Coating. At Prestige, we use a virtually invincible 6-level waterproofing system that stands up against even […]

Deck Waterproofing-Dana Point

dana point decking

DECK WATERPROOFING Prestige Deck Coating, Inc. and  is the #1 deck coating and resurfacing contractor in Orange County, Ca. We can transform your old, balcony or exterior flooring back into its original beauty. Prestige’s deck mastery allows us to install directly over your current concrete, saving you money on concrete removal and labor fees. We […]

Waterproof Decking in Orange County CA

Waterproof Decking in Orange County CA Prestige Deck Coating is the most trusted company for waterproof decking in Orange County CA (see “Recent Testimonials” to the right). Our waterproof decking experts have close to 30 years experience in waterproof decking and deck restoration. With knowledge and skill like ours, you know your deck will be […]

Deck Waterproofing in Huntington Beach

Pool Waterproofing Membrane _ detail

DECK WATERPROOFING IN HUNTINGTON BEACH Has you deck waterproofing in Huntington Beach started to crack or delaminate? Are there signs of leaking or dry-rot soft spots? Prestige Deck Coating and deck waterproofing in Huntington Beach is the #1 installer for deck coating in Huntington Beach. We can transform your bubbling, leaking, dry-rotted deck into a […]

5 Layer Deck Waterproofing System

waterproof deck repair_paintchart

5 Layer Deck Waterproofing System Prestige Deck Coating is now providing expert deck repair and a 5 layer deck system to the Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles, and San Diego county area. The 5 layer deck waterproofing system is fully adhered and applied evenly over the entire substrate. Our 5 layer deck waterproofing system will not […]

Deck Repair in Dana Point

dana point decking

DECK REPAIR IN DANA POINT If you are looking for a deck repair in Dana Point, Prestige Deck Coating is your finest choice. We are your best solution for your leaking and damaged deck in Dana Point. Our deck resurfacing and installation technicians have between 10 to 30 years experience with decking coating and deck […]