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What Is A Waterproofing Membrane?

deck fiberglass waterproofing

What is a membrane? It can be defined as: a thin pliable sheet or skin of various kinds. As in, “the concrete should include a membrane to prevent water seepage.” This is exactly what Prestige Deck Coating specializes in. Waterproofing decks is an artistic science. You need the right materials and a experienced feel to properly seal […]

Grade A Balcony Deck

Grade A+ balcony deck

At Prestige Deck Coating, we provide grade A balcony deck coatings and more. Many apartment and condominiums come with a balcony deck. For some, it becomes another place for storage. For others, a make shift garden. Still others, it is where the grilling gets done. No matter how you use your balcony deck, it needs to […]

Balcony Waterproofing Level One- What is it?


Balcony Waterproofing  Just what is balcony waterproofing? Balcony waterproofing is actually better described as balcony deck waterproofing. If your balcony deck needs a partial or full waterproof repair and/or resurfacing, give Prestige Deck Coating a call! Balcony waterproofing will keep your deck and below dry! Imagine you have a custom home deck on the waterline, […]

Balcony Deck Restoration Orange County CA

Balcony Deck Restoration  If you have a balcony deck, that needs a partial or full waterproof repair give the team at Prestige Deck Coating a call! Balcony deck restoration is our delight and passion! A few months back the team at Prestige tackled just such a project. This was a custom home deck on the […]