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Laying Down the Lathe!

laying down the lathe

Lathe. Yes, metal lathe is one of the foundational components to a strong and flexible deck coating. Perhaps you are wondering what lathe is…you have come to the right place! Prestige Decking is an expert lathe installer…Have you ever wondered what is underneath a deck waterproofing system? What makes it so strong? Flexible? The answer […]

Elastomeric Deck Coatings Nightmare!

[ssba] When it comes to deck coatings, don’t accept second best! Elastomeric deck coatings or elastomeric paint do not suffice. It might be cheaper now, but you will be exposing yourself to many more troubles in the long run. At Prestige Deck Coating, specialize in replacing old and worn elastomeric deck coatings, and providing a […]