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Waterproof Coating in Corona Del Mar

balcony deck repair

Searing sunlight and wet air. This is a deadly combo for waterproof deck coating. It is no wonder that Prestige Deck Coating spends a lot of time in Corona Del Mar, which translated into English means “crown of the sea.” The corona of the sun is its fiery hair, and in Corona Del Mar that […]

Perfect Plywood Repair

Newport Beach Ca is a slice a perfection. Gorgeous beaches, a pristine harbor, mild temperatures, and upper class culture. Residents of Newport Beach expect the best service possible. This includes waterproof deck repair for balcony becks, roof decks, stairways, walkways, patio decks and  pool decks. Enter Prestige Deck Coating. That’s right. Prestige. What could be […]

Pool Deck Devastation!

san marcos pool deck resurfacing

San Marcos Ca is known for its super hot, dry summers. As you might imagine, this can wreck havoc on pool decks. Concrete surfaces and expansion joints can be thoroughly damaged after years of this punishing climate. You do not have to simply wait until your pool deck surface deteriorates away. A quality solution exists. […]