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Waterproof Deck Resurfacing

large deck waterproofing

Do any of these statements ring your waterproof deck resurfacing bell? Main deck is deteriorating. Stairs and landing are not as damaged, but need to be waterproofed. There is dry rot around drain, but the rest of the deck appears to be in good shape structurally. Existing deck drain is ill-suited for proper drainage. Prestige […]

Getting Underneath the Surface

watrproof my deck_leaking

Is your deck surface showing signs of wear? Is it chipping, flaking, cracking, delaminating, soft, dry rotted, or leaking? While these deck coating deterioration signs may be cause for alarm, what’s going on underneath the surface might be even more troubling! Whatever the coating is showing, doesn’t necessarily reflect the problems going on structurally. It […]

Resurfacing Decks Rialto

Resurfacing Decks_subfloor

Prestige Deck Coating services San Bernardino! We recently headed up and out to Rialto to bring an unhealthy deck reconstruction up to code. Resurfacing Decks is our specialty. The contractor needed a quick solution and turn around time. Through constant communication and relevant site updates, we exhibited our flexibility and customer care! We are a […]

Prestige Decking Out Waterproof Coatings!

In a beautiful and scenic area such as south Orange County Ca, it is natural to see things decked out! This definitely includes home improvement and landscaping features. Almost every home has a balcony, patio, pool and/or roof deck. Extremes in weather conditions can punish even the most well crafted and tended outdoor landscapes. This […]

Pool Decking Disaster

pool decking-final

Attention all pool owners! Have you let your pool decking go south? Is the surface slippery? Does it burn your feet on a hot day? Are there cracks, chips, foundational shifting, stains, rust, or others signs of wear and tear? Do you have a pool decking disaster ready to explode!? Prestige Deck Coating can help… […]