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Rooftop Deck Coatings Covina

Many homes in Orange and LA counties have rooftop deck coatings that were poorly designed and constructed. Sooner than later, this leads to a compromised deck coating, which becomes a sub-floor leaking issue. The deck waterproofing experts at Prestige Deck Coating are well aware of this phenomenon, because we often have to save decks from […]

Newport Beach Roof Deck Coating

Newport Beach roof deck coating_chimney flashing

Do you have a Newport Beach roof deck coating that is in need of an overhaul? Is there a leak or dry rot evident? Is the flashing rusty or deteriorating? Don’t fret, Prestige Deck Coating has just the solution for your deck waterproofing needs… Newport Beach Roof Deck Coating Prestige Deck Coating recently traveled to […]

Corona Del Mar Roof Decks

corona del mar roof decks

Is your tile coated deck leaking into your house? Do you have dry rot or soft spots on your decking surface? What are your options besides getting a free and unwanted shower every time it rains?  Prestige Deck Coating specializes in waterproofing Corona Del Mar roof decks. We just finished satisfying yet another customer with […]

Mission Viejo Decking Repairs

Mission Viejo Decking Repairs_zbar

We have been spending alot of time coating decks, in Mission Viejo lately. Maybe it is because we are old fashioned. We at Prestige Deck Coating are definitely a throw back to the old time values of hard work, customer care, integrity, and quality. Our Mission Viejo decking repairs are based on the values.  Mission […]

Deck Repair Coating Chino

Deck Repair Coating_Chino

Even if you have minor decking repairs needed for your decking, it is no problem for the experts at Prestige deck repair coating! From big gaping holes to minor hairline cracks, we can help solve your waterproofing needs. We service needy decks Orange, Riverside, LA, and North San Diego counties. Chino Deck Repair Coating A […]