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OC Pool Deck Resurfacing Process

Is your current pool deck too hot, too slippery, cracked, chipped, stained, pooling water, rough on the feet, or just plain boring? Prestige Deck Coating and OC pool deck resurfacing specializes in turning existing concrete, and pool decks that are deteriorated, worn-out or outdated, into new, updated and great looking deck surfaces. We have the […]

Thermal Imaging Water Leak Detection 101


Process of Leak Detection Thermal Imaging Leak Detection 101. If you have a troublesome deck that is showing signs of wear, it could be that you there is moisture underneath that could lead to dry rot or worse. One way to give you a realistic picture of state of what is under your deck coating […]

Stairways, Balconies, & Walkways- Oh My!

Whether your walkway, stairway, or exterior flooring is leaking, cracking, not draining properly, or simply needs resurfacing, Prestige Deck Coating in Orange County Ca  has you covered. All walkways are carefully examined to eliminate the problem at the source, with a 5-layer waterproof decking system unlike any other deck coating company. Each coating has a […]

Roof Deck Repair Contractors

Rooftop Deck Coatings_moldy plywood

Roof Deck Repair. We always use the finest custom materials for your roof deck in Orange County Ca. Prestige Deck Coating inspects every roof before resurfacing and repair to make sure your deck is properly waterproofed the first time. If you are unsure if your roof deck needs repair or resurfacing, let us take a […]

Resurfacing Roof Decks in Orange County Ca

Resurfacing Roof Decks in Orange County Ca Resurfacing Roof Decks. Prestige Deck Coating in Orange County Ca performs roof deck inspections and consultations free of charge. When it comes to resurfacing roof decks in Orange County Ca we see a lot of improper installation. Many homeowners feel that they can just hire a handyman to fix […]